Die Zeit heilt nicht die Wunden.

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"Das Wesen der Schönheit sei die Harmonie zwischen sinnlichen Trieb und dem Gesetz der Vernunft." -Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805).

Sept. 2


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(March, 2012)


Far from the world am I who lives in these parts! The people here, how they weigh their heavy glances without looking, how they poison their unspoken words like daggers, how they inch with such impatient and furious sloth! They chatter of tiny things to themselves and speak formalities, nothings, pleasantries, unnecessary explanations and the like; they speak often but say so little! They survey everything but observe nothing, see all the angles but receive nothing from them.


(April 3rd, 2012)

she’s not listening to me,
she’s missing the important parts;
she’s choosing her words carefully,
she’s trying not to break my heart.


adds “we just caught our alternate universe selves making out and now everything is super awkward” to list of shipping tropes that need to be implemented everywhere

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assigned… at birth? holy shit, that assignment must be so overdue, i hope this gender doesn’t effect my GPA

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